The Padise Manor Hotel features 20 luxurious hotel rooms within it’s historic walls.

Each room is named after a member of the von Ramm family, each with its own unique style and design.  All rooms feature modern ammenities, free wifi and beautiful views of either the 14th century Padise Monastery ruins or the Padise Manor Park and Pond.

Get the true manorial experience and be a guest of the von Ramm family at Padise Manor.  Enjoy a stately breakfast each morning and feel free to wander the rooms and halls of the manor.   Relax and enjoy, you are in Padise!


Padise Manor is an 18th century historic mansion housing a boutique hotel and restaurant in the countryside of Estonia.  The manor is located only 50 kilometers away from the Estonian capital city of Tallinn, located directly on the Keila-Haapsalu highway (road number 17).  The manor house sits just 25 meters away from the extraordinary 14th century Padise monastery ruins.

The Padise Manor Restaurant features Estonian cuisine and seating is available inside the manor’s halls or outside on a large terrace which faces the Padise Monastery ruins. The Padise Manor Hotel features 20 hotel rooms for anyone seeking a truly luxurious manor experience in the Estonian countryside. Watch the video here!

The history of the von Ramm family and this estate begins in 1622 when King Gustav Adolf II of Sweden granted the Padise monastery ruins and surrounding land to Thomas von Ramm as a gift. The manor house, itself, was built in 1780 when the von Ramm dwelling inside the Padise Monastery burned.

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